Soundtrack will be released on 17 August 2016. Stream it courtesy of Spotify Also check out the artist profile of NBA 2K17 where you can find more photos, tour dates in your area, links to the official Facebook page and more.

Bethesda Softworks has recently put out a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game Dishonored 2, and this time we get a look at the game world from the eyes of one of the two playable protagonists in the game, namely Corvo Attano. The trailer shows off some of Corvo’s interactions with the otherworldly Outsider and the … This post New Dishonored 2 Gameplay Features Protagonist Corvo Attano appeared first on GearNuke.

One final note about plays: In the game’s Association mode, if you traded or acquired a player, the playcalling scheme would remain static. Dirk Nowitzki would be assigned to plays more fitting for a traditional big man if he was traded for Portland’s LaMarcus Aldridge, for example. In NBA 2K17 locker codes online , the game’s offensive scheme will recognize player traits and the default package of plays for his new team will be more consistent with that playing style. As a gamer customizes his playcalling, he can also assign play types that will, for example, have a pick-and-roll atop the plays designed for Jason Kidd, and then involve isolations and three-point shots as subordinate options.

Drew Robbins: SELL – It’s hard to believe that, even after seeing a game with such visual flair as Watch Dogs, there remains a segment of the population which genuinely believes a new generation of consoles to be unnecessary at this moment in time. Even the most casual observer of the medium could point to recent PC releases and see that consoles are being left behind by their now-archaic technology. Yes, current-generation software like Beyond and The Last of Us are both stunning games, but their potential would be so much greater on more powerful hardware.

Usually when you spend a lot of time working on things like responsive controls and respecting the user’s input 100% of the time, it comes at the cost of visuals taking a hit. NBA 2K has always been known for its beautiful animation and lifelike movement. That’s something we never want to sacrifice. So it was very important to us that, even with the advancements in responsiveness and control, that NBA 2K17 animated even more smoothly than any past NBA game before it.

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